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Endgame Minicon Will Feature Instant Content SOTS Preorder

At the upcoming Endgame Oakland Minicon on March 15th, Spirit of the Season will be available as a special "instant content" preorder.

It'll work like this: at the store during the minicon, you'll have a chance to browse through a home-printed copy of Spirit of the Season. If you like what you see, you can pay Endgame $12 right then to get your name on the preorder list for Spirit of the Season when it ships to then in April.

That's where the "instant content" part comes in: Evil Hat has also authorized Endgame to provide CDs containing the Spirit of the Season PDF to anyone who places a preorder during the mini-con -- you'll walk away with a real, usable product right away, with the print version arriving for you to pick up in April.

I'm excited to be able to share this... and if this pilot program works out reasonably well, we'll be looking to do this with more than just Endgame for at least a few of our future product releases, such as the upcoming Don't Lose Your Mind. I don't know yet if we'll manage that sort of thing with The Dresden Files RPG, but that's far enough off that we'll have a few test runs like this one under our belt and be better able to make that decision.

If you're going to be at the Endgame minicon and are thinking about picking up a copy of Spirit of the Season, chime in and let us know -- we'll pass the informal headcount on to Chris at Endgame so he can make sure to have enough blank CDs on hand to burn up those PDFs.
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